Rainforest Protectors Trust focuses on saving real acres of rainforest in Sri Lanka through purchase and permanent conservation of privately held forest lands adjoining Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest. Creating a Protected Buffer Zone for Sinharaja rainforest and a Biodiversity Forest Corridor to connect fragmented patches of forest to the North of Sinharaja is our top priority aimed at preventing encroachment of forest and deforestation.

Having lost more than 95% of the original rainforests during the past century, we are fighting against time to protect what is remaining in this vital ecosystem which is home to most of Sri Lanka's endemic and endangered flora and fauna.

2022 Year-End Update from Rainforest Protectors Trust

In 2022, Rainforest Protectors Trust purchased and permanently protected an additional 10 acres of privately held primary forest adjoining Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest in Sri Lanka as part of its long-term project to create a "Protected Buffer Zone". Funding for the conservation of above 10 acres came 100% from individual donations made through...

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Why Protect Real Acres of Rainforest in Sri Lanka?

Donate to build Conservation Center in Sri Lanka
Habitat destruction and encroachment within and along the border of Sinharaja rainforest in Sri Lanka has intensified both Human-Elephant and Human-Leopard conflict. Establishing these new protected buffer zones and biodiversity corridors through strategic conservation of habitat for imperiled wildlife is the single most effective method of preventing species extinction. In addition to safeguarding nature and wildlife, these protected areas also support the livelihoods and health of villagers in the surrounding communities.
Protect an acre of rainforest on behalf of a loved one

You can make a positive change and give a lasting gift by protecting an acre of rainforest on behalf of your loved one. Your gift to the planet and your loved one will be recognized on our site together with the protected area.

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