Legge's Flowerpecker (Dicaeum Vincens)

Legge's Flowerpecker or white throated flowerpecker, is a rather uncommon species in forests and the lowerhil in the wet zone is an endangered bird. They live in pairs and are generally found high up in tall trees. The call is a sharp, rapid kee-kee-kee-kee pitched much higher than that of the Billed-flowerpecker.

It is an endemic resident bird in Sri Lanka. It is named after the Australian ornithologist William Vincent Legge. Bodhinagala rainforest, Kitulgala rainforest, Gilimale, Morapitiya and Sinharaja rainforests are the best places to see this bird.

This is a very small, stout flowerpecker, 10 cm in length, with a short tail, short thick curved bill and tubular tongue. The latter features reflect the importance of nectar in its diet, although berries, spiders and insects are also taken.

The male Legge's Flowerpecker has blue-black upperparts, a white throat and upper breast, and yellow lower breast and belly.