The objective of Rainforest Protectors Trust is to "Protect land for conservation, and conservation activities such as reforestation, research and education" in Sri Lanka. The Trust, a legal entity registered with the Land Registry - Colombo (Registration# 07/07 of 2017/01/25), works towards purchasing and permanently protecting privately held rainforest lands rich in bio-diversity that are on sale and in danger of being destroyed.


Rainforest Protectors Trust consists a Board of Trustees who are dedicated towards the conservation of rainforests. The trustees continuously look for threatned rainforest land in need of protection as well as reaching out to donors for funding towards the purchase and permanent protection of these lands.


  • Jayantha Wijesinghe
  • John Wilson
  • Kishan Ratnayake
  • Saman Perera

Conservation Plan

The lands purchased and protected by Rainforest Protectors Trust are managed by Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka, a non-profit volunteer organization registered under Central Environmental Authority (Registration# 6/6/17/01/146). Degraded areas are reforested with native trees and walking trails are created where applicable.

Objects of Rainforest Protectors Trust

Use of Donations towards the Trust Fund

All donations towards the Trust fund that are earmarked for a specific project, will only be used towards the purchase and protection of the specified property. In the event the Trust fails to raise enough funds in time to purchase the property before being sold to another 3rd party, the Trust will ensure that the funds are used to purchase and protect a similar property. All donations that are not earmarked for a specific project, will be used to purchase and protect the next available property.

Currently, the Trust does not employ any paid staff members. Therefore, 100% of the donations go towards the projects which include payment to the seller of the property, legal fees, surveyor fees, bank fees and government tax.

Financial Statements

Frequently Asked Questions